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Save money, get more choice and increase travel
policy compliance with our fully integrated online
hotel booking portal.

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The 360 solutions for your corporate travel

Adding value at every stage of the hotel sourcing,
booking and programme management process.

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Who makes saving really easy?

We provided unparalleled savings to 40,000 existing clients.
Find out how much you could save.

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Content is King

Discover how giving your travellers access
to the right content is the key to ensuring
travel policy compliance.

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The world’s leading ‘hotel solutions provider', we work with you to deliver the best
available rates whilst maximising the effectiveness of your travel policy


With over 40,000 companies using our hotel portal every month, we have a clear
understanding of what corporates want from their travel policies.

And we're committed to helping meet these needs with a range of hotel solutions
and services from sourcing through to payment.


Reducing total cost of travel vs Increasing traveller satisfaction

You want the lowest possible hotel rates, to ensure traveller safety, provide an easy booking process and deliver traveller satisfaction – all wrapped up in a simple, integrated process.

An impossible balance?
We don’t think so.

We don’t just excel at delivering these things, we go way beyond. We understand not only your travel objectives and priorities, but also the challenges and frustrations you face.

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Increasing compliance

Booking outside of travel policy causes big problems.

Duty of care obligtions
are compromised

Agreed traveller
benefits are wasted

Rate negotiating
power is weakened

How HRS increase compliance


We remove the temptation
to book outside of policy

To solve the problem, we tackle the cause. We address the underlying reasons for non-compliance by offering the greatest choice of hotels at the best rates.

And, with an outstanding booking experience, the temptation to book outside of policy simply goes away.

Satisfied travellers = effective travel policy

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A choice of over 300,000 hotels

HRS provides 25% more hotels than are available on the GDS.
These include 180,000 individual properties in more unique locations.

So your business travellers can find suitable hotels closer
to where they need to be.

Quality content

Better hotel content – more detailed information and independent reviews to help your traveller make an informed choice with confidence.

Save up to 30% on your hotel spend

We negotiate unbeatable rates direct with thousands of hotels. These are not available on the open market, so you
won’t find them anywhere else. They pay us a commission direct, so you get great savings at no extra cost.

Get the lowest rates. Guaranteed.

With our exclusive corporate rates, we’re so confident we
can’t be beaten on price, we guarantee them.

So if you find a better rate for the same room with the same booking conditions, we’ll refund the difference.

See efficiencies across your organisation

Our platform helps you to manage
a consistent global process –
lowering the workload for you and
your fellow travel managers.

Your business travellers book more
hotels within policy and waste less time
and money booking hotels direct.

And our saving reports can prove
the positive contribution to your
company‘s saving targets.

Great content on every channel

HRS content is available across a wide range of channels, so your travellers can book
the perfect hotel at a moment’s notice whenever they need, wherever they are.

All within your travel policy.

HRS Corporate Portal
customer-specific interface.

Native apps for Apple iOS, Android,
BlackBerry, Windows &mobile web.

Speak to one of our team at
our 24/7 service centre.

Seamless integration

We have strategic relationships with all major GDSs and OBTs which ensures seamless content integration.
And we’ll work alongside your existing partners to ensure the way you currently book travel doesn’t change.

Your office locations can be loaded into our system to make finding the most convenient hotels easier.
And we’ll even incorporate your own negotiated rates.

Reporting and analysis

Our powerful reporting tools allow analysis of travel streams, expenses and costs,
and reveal further saving opportunities.

Traveller safety

We’ll ensure that you meet your duty of care obligations with tracking tools that can locate
your business travellers wherever they are in the world.

And we can help mitigate risk with a direct user interface to travel security providers who
can coordinate medical support and evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Education & Adoption programmes

We’ll even help you to drive best practice and support the roll-out of your revitalised
system with a wide range of activities.

A choice of over 300,000 hotels

We make every aspect of your travellers’ experience as simple and refreshing as possible.

From the expertise gained in running the leisure side of our business, we’ve created a consumer-quality offering for businesses.

From our intuitive multi-channel user interface, to our virtual credit card and best in class technology performance, we aim to
provide the highest levels of service satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve a solution for you

Our promise is the same to any business – from a global enterprise to a start-up venture – we will provide a
solution that benefits business travellers and delivers efficiencies and cost savings to the organisation.

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