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The Captured Information

HRS.com gathers the following information about
visitors in the following ways:

  1. It looks at the user's IP address to determine the visitor's location in the world.
  2. It discovers the organisation providing the visitor's internet access in the same way.
  3. It discovers the search terms they used in reaching HRSCorporat.com site from search engines using the referral URLs.
  4. It uses text mining to find email addresses that users enter into the website.
  5. It also uses simple anonymous 1st-party cookies to remember returning visitors and link their sessions together in the visitor records it builds to help with the personalization and optimization process.
  6. It records and additional information contained within referral URLs such as email address.
  7. It records user's interactions with the site, pages viewed, clicks, text entered into forms (except on secure pages), time on site, selections (except on secure sites) etc.

No other data is captured

  • HRS.com can see nothing outside of the pages the users view on the instrumented site.
  • HRS.com can't track visitors to other web sites.
  • HRS.com can't read the disks or other information on the visitor's computer.

Data Protection & Processing

Any data HRS.com captures about the visitor's behaviour in the browsing session is obfuscated (scrambled) before it is sent to HRS.com servers. If the page the user is using is a secure page this data will be fully encrypted using SSL before it is sent, to protect the visitor's security.

The collected data is processed by Magiq's systems (http://magiq.com) to create a record of each visit. This data is compiled into a history of each visitor's interactions with the site.

If the user does not provide the web site with any data to identify themselves, then this record will be anonymous.

If the user does provide personally identifiable data then this will be stored with their record. These records are held in Magiq's computers in a secure environment. Each site has it's own instance to make sure that the visitor's data cannot be accidentally accessed by other Magiq users.

Types of data and use

We collect the following types of data and may use it
in the following ways:

Specific personal data, e.g. name, address, preferences, will only be used to allow us to transact business with you and to answer inquiries.

Non-specific data, e.g. text entry, pages visited, etc. will be included in our continuous analysis of visits made to our site, as part of our ongoing quest to make our content more and more informative, relevant and enjoyable for visitors to use.

If visitors request additional information from us and we determine that the question can be most effectively answered by one of our partners or we will pass the request to them for action, and this will include whatever personal data the visitor has provided.

Other than in the above situation we will not provide personal data to any third parties (unless ordered to do so by a competent legal authority), nor will we use it for any purposes except those stated above, unless we have first sought and received the owners permission.

Opt-Out if you want to

One of the strengths of Magiq's solutions is their focus on not infringing a customer's privacy or collecting data you wish to keep private.

If a site is instrumented with our technology it will normally provide the opportunity for you to opt-out from the data collection process.

To control the data we collect from your use of this site please follow this link to the Opt-Out Management Page, and choose the level of data collection you feel comfortable with.

However, if you do stop Magiq recording your use, we will not be able to optimize the site for you - but it's clearly your choice.

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